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About game

Welcome to Super Mario Flash 4, a quality role-playing online video game. This is the 4th part in the Super Mario Flash series. Similar to previous versions, you will control Mario and find a way to rescue the princess in Mushroom kingdom. However, if you are too familiar with the old map then this game will bring you a new wind: ancient Mushroom kingdom. With classic graphics and good music, you will have exciting moments when exploring this new land.

In the ancient Mushroom kingdom, you will be impressed by the high pillars of stone, giant vines, old trees like a house, and angel statues in stone castles. Of course, you will encounter old enemies like Gomba and Koopa. They are like Mario, who are creatures from a long time in the Mushroom kingdom. Mario will also have to collect gold coins, Mushrooms, and other power-ups to rescue the princess.

Super Mario Flash 4 has many levels. Every time you pass a level and conquer a castle, you will rescue a princess maid. The princess's maid will tell you a little bit about the princess. You will have to conquer all levels until you complete the last castle where the princess is imprisoned. If you feel this game is interesting, you can create a new world of your own with the Level Editor feature. Have a good day!

Super Mario Flash 4 Unblocked

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How to play      

Use arrow keys to play Mario!

Tips and tricks

The screen always moves from left to right as it won't wait for you.

If Mario is blinded by the movement of the screen, he will die.

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