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About game

Welcome to the new Super Mario Crossover 4, the 4th part of the series Super Mario Crossover game. Similar to the first three parts, this game is a cool role-playing game. You will also have many different games to choose from. For example, if you select the Contra video game then you can select all characters that this game has. All of these characters have the same skills, weapons, and characteristics as the original version.

What makes you excited is controlling a new character in the Mario game world. You can control a robot, a ninja, or a soldier to fight the Bowser king's army. Your ultimate goal in this game is to overcome all levels, castles, and rescue the princess Peach who was kidnapped.

Super Mario Crossover 4 has many levels with each one being an interesting map. In the first levels you will play in the desert map. You need to be aware that you only have 300 seconds to complete a level. In addition, the terrain is one of the challenges that can kill you at any time. You can also change the skin of the map, turn the Mushroom Kingdom into the Ancient Mushroom Kingdom, the Frozen Mushroom Kingdom, or the Lava Mushroom Kingdom ... Good luck and have fun!

Super Mario Crossover 4 Unblocked

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How to play      

Use arrow keys to move your hero in Super Mario Crossover 4 Unblocked!

Tips and tricks

You can change the control buttons in Setting.

Please change the map and character skin after each time you complete a level to get new experience.

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