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About game

Welcome to the new Super Mario Crossover 3, the third part of the series Super Mario Crossover game. Similar to the first two parts, this game is a cool role-playing game. You will have 10 characters from many different video games to choose from. They are Mario and Luigi, Bass and Mega Man, Link, Simon Belmont, and many more ... Each character has interesting skills similar to the original version and they will surprise you.

If you choose Mega Man, he can fire electric spheres to kill enemies from a distance. Moreover, you can hold the attack button to create an ultimate attack and destroy many enemies with just one electric ball. Along the way, you can collect various weapons for Mega Man. Or if you like swords, you can try Heroine. Also, you can control any character you like every time you complete a level.

Super Mario Crossover 3 game has many different maps. You will fight on the ground, in the sky, and under the sea. However, if you want a different experience, you can change the skin of the map. The game has more than 10 different skins and you will like them. Don't forget that you have to collect gold coins and Mushrooms. At the end of each level there will be a platform to help you jump on the flag, make good use of it. Good luck!

Super Mario Crossover 3 Unblocked

Super Mario Crossover 3 Unblocked is a good game and it is available at https://onlinemariogames.net. This is a familiar address for anyone who likes unblocked games. Here, you can play the game comfortably because we don't block anything. You can play Super Mario Crossover 3 Unblocked from hospitals, schools, companies ... whenever you want. Try it now!

How to play     

Use arrow keys to move your hero in Super Mario Crossover 3 Unblocked!

Tips and tricks

With some special weapons, Mega Man can attack vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Characters that can attack from a distance will have many advantages!

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