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About game

Welcome to your new Super Mario Crossover, one of the best role-playing online video games. In this game, of course, you will control Mario and take part in the Mushroom Kingdom adventure. Your mission is to defeat Bowser and his army to rescue Princess Peach. However, the interesting point of Super Mario Crossover is that you have many different characters to select.

Super Mario Crossover brings you 10 different characters, they are Mario, Luigi, Bill Rizer from Contra, Proto Man from Mega Man, Link or Zelda from The Legend of Zelda, Dr. Cossack, Kaede from Shadow of the Ninja... You can control these new characters to fight Bowser's army. Of course, the skills that each character uses in this game are similar to the content in the original version. You can control Kaede and launch darts to kill Goomba or control Link and use the sword to fight Koopa.

The impressive point in Super Mario Crossover is that you can change the map's skin. Use graphics and effects similar to Super Mario Bros., but this game gives you a whole new feeling with different skins. In addition, the game has many other interesting points, but I will let you explore it by yourself. Enjoy great moments with Super Mario Crossover!

Super Mario Crossover Unblocked

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How to play      

Use arrow keys to move your hero!

Tips and tricks

After completing a level, you can select a new character to start the next level.

Each character has many different skins to choose from.

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