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About game

Welcome to Super Mario Bros video game, one of the legendary role-playing games of all time. In this game, you have 2 characters to select, they are Mario and Luigi. Your mission is to overcome the complex terrain in the Mushroom kingdom, defeat the King Bowser army, and rescue Princess Peach at the last castle. The game gives you 8 Worlds, each World has 4 levels, and each level is a different map with deadly challenges waiting for you.

Mario has 400 seconds to complete a level. On the way, you can collect gold coins. With 100 gold coins, Mario will have a bonus life. In addition, mushrooms are Mario's power boost items. It helps him become an adult. And when Mario ate the Mushroom in an adult state, he could use the famous fireball skill. Although the Bowser army is very dangerous, the terrain is the biggest challenge in the game. Sometimes you have to run fast to jump over a long hole. If you fall into a hole or fall into the sea, you will lose 1 life.

Background, music, and graphics in the game bring you comfort and fun. This is a super mario bros special version and it is very famous. Experience this game now! Have fun!

Super Mario Bros Unblocked

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How to play    

Use arrow keys / WASD to control Mario!

Shift / Control to throw the fireballs.

P / M to Pause / Mute.

Tips and tricks

When Mario eats the Flower, he can turn to the final state (a state that can use fireballs).

The green sewer pipes maybe have demon flowers inside.

Sometimes you have to run fast to jump over a long hole.

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