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About game:

Welcome to Super Mario 63, a special version of the Super Mario game series. In this role-playing 2D game, you control Mario and jump, slide, swim, and spin to overcome challenges along the way. Mushroom Kingdom in this game is quite interesting. The mushrooms are very big and you can jump on them to move forward. But that's not all...

The game starts when Mario makes the princess Peach unexpected and King Bowser doesn't like this. He shot the bullets at Mario and released his army into the Mushroom Kingdom. Your mission is to defeat King Bowser in his castle. However, each room in the castle is a challenge for you. You will have to conquer deserts, pyramids, forests ... You must find secret switches to create the path and move forward...

The challenge will come from the broken wooden bridges, tiny elevators, lava roads... However, you will have a device to help Mario fly, which is FLUDD. In addition, you can collect Power-caps, Shine Sprites, and Star Coins. Super Mario 63 also has some secret dungeons where you can collect lots of treasures and power-ups. If you want more information, https://runouw.fandom.com/wiki/Super_Mario_63 is the page you are looking for. Let's experience the game now!

Super Mario 63 Unblocked:

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How to play:     

Use arrow Keys, Z, X, and C to control Mario!

Tips and tricks:

When you use FLUDD to fly, fuel will decrease.

If you are stuck, check out the video walkthrough of Super Mario 63.

Experience this exciting game with full screen mode is a good idea!

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