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About game

Welcome to the Mario Kart video game. This is a racing video game by Nintendo with cute gameplay inspired by Super MarioBros. In this game, you will control familiar characters in Mario games, drive the Karts and participate in fun races. The game has good music, beautiful background, and cute effects. It is suitable for everyone at any age.

In each race, you must drive your kart, defeat other opponents, and drive to the finish line with the highest position. The game allows you to use items that increase your power to "poke" your opponent. These items have different effects and they are hidden inside the boxes on the track. You will not be able to foresee the effect of an item until you collect it. So you will need luck while collecting these items. You can collect Koopa Shell to shoot at opponents, drop banana peels to make your opponents fall, or speed up your kart...

Besides, games also have many modes to choose from. No matter what mode you play, you must pay attention to the terrain of each track. When you meet a bend, you should slow down to overcome it. Also, you need to look at the mini-map regularly to know the terrain ahead. Good luck and have fun!

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How to play      

Use arrow keys to drive your Kart!

Tips and tricks

Try to collect power boost items along the way.

Save the speed up item and use it on straight roads or after you slip a banana peel.

Mario Kart characters are very diverse, try to experience them all!

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