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About game

Welcome to Mario Cart, one of the best online games. This is a racing game with Mario-related characters. Your task in this game is to select a character, drive the carts and run to the destination flag in the shortest time. You will feel happy and comfortable because of elements such as ancient graphics, cool music, cute characters...

Mario Kart gives you a total of 8 characters, they are Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Gomba, Koopa, Toad, Bowser, and Ghost. However, at the first entering, you can only control Mario. You need to finish with a high ranking to unlock other characters. The game has a total of 8 Cups with different terrains, they are Jungle, Beach, Magic City, Mystique Land, Heaven Night, Special, All Cups, and Sudden Death. And of course, you have to complete the 1st Cup (Jungle) to unlock the remaining Cups.

Mario Cart gives you laughter with power-ups that appear randomly along the way. Once you have a power-up, you can use it to create bad effects on your opponents. There are many power-ups with different interesting effects. Some effects will be good for you and some effects will be bad for your opponent. However, I will let you experience them in the game. Don't forget that you have to jump to avoid bad terrain. Have a good day!

Mario Cart Unblocked

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How to play     

Use arrow Keys to move, space to use items.

Tips and tricks

There are a total of 8 power-ups with different effects. Try bullet, fireball, and freeze and have fun!

The top of the game screen is the mini-map to show the position of all players on the track.

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