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Are you looking for greatest MARIO GAMES? As you know, Mario is one of the legendary games in the world and there are many gamers still playing Super Mario Bros. In addition, the game developers still release Mario Games on modern devices to serve the needs of their fans ... This information proves that Mario is always a HOT topic.

About game:

There are many different flash games about Mario, and if you need a good place to participate in the adventure of this plumber, go to This site gives you a list of many selected Mario games. Our staff has tested every game to make sure it is a quality game and you will not encounter any interruption while playing your favorite Mario game. At this site, you can participate in exciting races with Mario Cart. Or if you like classic adventures, we have the Super Mario Flash series to bring you to Mushroom Kingdom and King Bowser's army. If you ask me if you want a fighting game about Mario, try our Super Smash Flash series now. You will have an extremely fun experience controlling Mario and fighting in a cool arena along with Princess Peach, Goku, Luffy, Naruto, and many more ... In addition, we have other unique games that will bring new winds for you. Typically, you can control Mega Man or Contra characters and fight in Mushroom Kingdom... Of course, all the games here are free and we always update the best and hottest games about Mario to serve you. You can play any Mario game you like on our website with just a simple click. We also take great care of your experience, so we designed a simple and friendly user interface to help you get the best gaming experience. Have a good day!

MARIO GAMES Unblocked: is one of the best websites in the world for you to play MARIO GAMES UNBLOCKED. Here, you have many different types of games like fighting games, racing games, role-playing games ... Moreover, all Mario games at are free. Don't worry when you're at school, hospital, or train station ... we don't block anything and you can access this site to play your favourite games anytime you want. Try it now!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Mario games are there?

There were more than 200 different games about Mario. At we tested and selected about 15 best games to serve you. This list is still being updated to bring you the best and latest games about Mario!

When did the first Mario game come out?

Mario first appeared in the game Donkey Kong (1981) named Jumpman. Later, he was renamed Mario in 1982. However, it was not a game that Mario was a main character. In 1983, the platform game called Mario Bros. is the first game that introduces Mario as its main character.

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